Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality bespoke designed furniture; it’s all in the name. Bespoke Design is the perfect title for our company because everything we create is a custom design, built by Angel Sarsoza himself.

We’re driven by extremely high standards, and guarantee quality down to the smallest detail. Often these small details don’t stand out, but they make up an essential part of the whole finished product.

Our Leaders

Angel Sarsoza

Angel is the creative driving force behind Bespoke Design and serves as Head of Production. Everything we create is designed and approved by Angel himself, to uphold the highest standards.

“From a young age, I learned how beautiful it is to work with wood and the wonderful things which can be created. Working as a carpenter is something I am passionate about and I use this passion to create pieces which exceed our customers’ expectations.

We bring dedication and passion to our quality of work and every project we take on, so you benefit from the professional and creative approach that’s required to realise innovative stunning designs.”


Alex Castelo

Alex is the Head of Business Development at Bespoke Design, working closely with existing customers and new contacts to help them realise their creative vision.

“Having worked in different industries and having managed and developed many successful businesses, I have learnt the most important thing in business is a happy customer.

So here at Bespoke Design, we are all about customer satisfaction. We want our work to speak for itself, and our main route of marketing is good old word of mouth.”