Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Spray painting is an efficient method of painting for generally bigger projects. It gives a smoother and flawless finish, and an even paint surface. So, if your furniture is going to be large in size, and have intricate surface detail, spray painting is definitely the way to go.

We offer bespoke and professional spray-painting services for high-end furniture. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best-quality spray-paint finishes on a range of materials, leaving a sleek and desirable luxury finish. This includes:

  • MDF
  • Veneer
  • Solid wood
  • Glass
  • Metal and plastic base materials
  • Fabrics

In addition, we also offer all kinds of finishes you can think of:

  • Matt
  • Semi-matt
  • Semi-gloss
  • High gloss
  • Polyester
  • Clear finishes

Our experienced spray-painting experts are also specialised in the preparation of these services, including the priming and sanding process before the actual painting, increasing the quality of the finished product.

We are happy to discuss the customer’s interior design vision, and offer professional advice and services, operating with diverse and high-quality technology, with the dedication to achieve full satisfaction of our clients.

Spray painting is an art in itself and we pride ourselves on our abilities. It takes high quality professional equipment and a highly skilled individual to create the smooth, even services that our customers expect.

Our results truly speak for themselves – we’ve even had customers confuse high gloss finish with marble or polished stone, the results are that fine.

Just about any colour can be colour matched from a sample so that your new furniture fits with your broader design and colour scheme. The potential with spray painting is unlimited when you work with the right people.