Design Services

Design Services

Great carpentry starts with great design

Our passion comes from providing creative solutions to our clients’ needs. No matter the room or the size of the project, we bring the same care and attention to detail to every job. And this starts with the design.

Experience tells us it is best to provide full drawings before we start work. This way you as a client know exactly what is being built and you can feel confident in the production direction.

Whether we’re designing the full piece on your behalf or developing an existing idea, we will always give you sign off on a full drawing with a clear overview.

All this helps us to offer you an accurate, high quality service; but also a quick service as we keep the need for changes to a minimum. We like to do things once and do things well.

High precision tools for the best results

They say a bad craftsman blames his tools. But when you have the best craftsmen and the best tools, the results are incredible.

We’ve invested in high precision tools including a digital table saw to ensure any cuts we make on MDF boards come out exactly to your requirements.

Getting the cut right is only worth it if you can get the finish right. That’s where our edge banding machine comes in to offer the highest level of finishing and seal, allowing you, the customer, to select the board of their choice.

  • Free expert estimates for the work in hand
  • Design costs reimbursed against approved quotes
  • Your choice of design software
  • High precision, professional finish tools