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Why Bespoke Design?

Off-the-shelf solutions are designed for the run of the mill, the average and the everyday. In our estimation our clients want more from their spaces, our customers realise they don’t have to trade off functionality and luxurious design.

With bespoke carpentry you can make the most of any space, commissioning designs in the shapes and sizes of your preference. This means we can create designs fitting your specifications in your spaces, even if they’re slightly wonky or cramped.

Does your property have sloped ceilings, unused spaces under eaves, angled walls, or alcove space which you’re not making the most of? Well, don’t write those walls and ceilings off as lost causes, our bespoke handmade carpentry designs can maximise these and extend your available living space, offering you plentiful storage and aesthetics with a wow factor.

The benefits of bespoke carpentry

Bespoke designed carpentry allows you to really make your home your own. With Bespoke Design your home will be both functional and beautifully designed.

  • Make the most of your space
  • Increase your storage options
  • Built to fit in with your existing furnishings
  • Customised to your exacting tastes
  • Crafted by expert carpenters using high quality tools

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